Joy & relaxation

Connect with nature and find pure relaxation on this 3-day journey centering around wellness, happiness, and tranquility.

Cruise Savonlinna – Lappeenranta or Lappeenranta – Savonlinna

Day 1 – Savonlinna

A warm welcome awaits you. Departure at 4 pm.

Step on board where you are introduced to our crew and guide in a relaxed atmosphere, having a glass of champagne. You will of course get a tour around the ship later. Now, your journey begins. Enjoy a three-hour evening cruise and a special dinner on the steamship, consisting of the region’s seasonal dishes, paired with fine wines. Afterwards, you spend the night on board in Sulkava, Linnavuori.

Day 2 – Puumala

Feel the beautiful nature.

We continue our cruise to Puumala while serving a delicious breakfast on board. The four-hour journey leads through the historic Heinävesi-route, considered the most beautiful inland waterway in Europe. Therefore, you can truly experience many memorable nature moments on the way, providing pure relaxation. During the cruise, you get the chance to learn from a local expert how handmade spa treatment products are created, and you can try it yourself! A special wellbeing lunch is served on board. As soon as we arrive in Puumala, it is time to explore nearby nature and do yoga in the forest. As this cruise is all about wellbeing and relaxation, a traditional Finnish sauna experience cannot be missing. Additionally, you can enjoy spa treatments and even try your own handmade products if you like. To refresh yourself after sauna, just hop in the lake and be enchanted by Saimaa’s peaceful waters and nature. 

Afterwards, you are welcomed at Sahanlahti resort for dinner. Sahanlahti is a small, family-run resort with hotel and cottage accommodation and two restaurants. The restaurants serve the finest local food, made from seasonal ingredients. In addition, both restaurants offer the most amazing lakeside views. The small guest harbor hosts visitors from near and far during summer. Built around an old sawmill, Sahanlahti is packed with history. Discover exciting insights as you wander around the charming resort! You are free to end the day with leisure time and relaxation. Evening snacks will be provided. Later, we spend the night on board in the harbor of Sahanlahti resort. 

Day 3 - Lappeenranta

Sail into the town of Lappeenranta.

The day starts with a relaxing breakfast on board, enjoying the beautiful landscape views. The lakeside paints a stunning picture of life in rural Finland’s scenery. We cruise three hours to our next destination, the intriguing Ilkonsaari islands. Snacks will be provided on board. The major island consists of two rocky ridges running southeast-northwest, connected by a soil area. The soil area was formed through deposition by waves in a bedrock fracture zone, weathered deeper than the surrounding environment. The outcrops in the rocky areas of Ilkonsaari represent several different rock types, such as granodiorite, dike breccia, tonalite, and granite. A rather rare, 300-meter long, underwater sandbar is also connected to the island and can be admired from nearby rocks. The sandbar was formed during Saimaa’s ice lake phase and the subsequent Yoldia sea phase. Then, the shoreline at Ilkonsaari was still several meters lower than today. Moreover, several orthodox Tsasouna chapels add cultural value to the island. Ilkonsaari has two Saimaa Geopark signs near the boat docks. 

After arriving on the island, a guided hiking tour starts to explore this wonderful place. Together we prepare lunch in the nature. During the hike, you can collect several nature products that you might want to take home to enhance your wellbeing, even after the cruise. We stay on the island for three hours.

To end this relaxing trip, you can enjoy the last cruise to Lappeenranta, which takes two and a half hours. Once we arrive in the harbor, the crew bids you farewell, and you disembark the steamship. Transfer back to Savonlinna or Lappeenranta will be arranged for you. During these days you of course have enough time to relax and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of Lake Saimaa. Simultaneously, you can forget about any stress or rush of the daily grind and completely settle back.


Included in “Joy & relaxation”:

  • transfers to/from Savonlinna harbor
  • cruise in a unique steamship and accommodation in a luxury suite
  • bed linen, towels, bath rubs, slippers
  • crew and host services
  • excursions, guiding 
  • entry fees
  • all meals, drinks and snacks
  • sauna services and drinks 

Price (including VAT):

  • 3900€ per person, 2 persons per suite
  • minimum 2 persons for the cruise to take place

Additional services, customization options:

  • other programs like paddling or fishing excursions (need to be booked in advance)
  • premium wines selected from the sommelier
  • massage services and other spa treatments

The crew on board is at the customers’ disposal at all times and happily takes care of every concern.

S/S Paul Wahl

Step inside a luxuriously renovated cabin, combined of traditional and modern Finnish design and craftsmanship. The interior of our steamships is made of highest quality. Each of our new three suites is manufactured by a local workshop and every detail is carefully planned. Air conditioning is available inside. Apart from the unique cabins, high-quality services are provided throughout your stay. 

Embark on the trip of your choice which grants you outstanding life-lasting memories.

Cpt. Janne Leinonen


+358 50 368 2287

Ms. Maria Laurikainen


+358 400 573 769