History of the ice age

Come with us on an expedition to the ancient history of Saimaa on this 3-day cruise and learn about the fascinating past.

Day 1 – Linnansaari

Start your voyage with a warm welcome.

Step on board where you meet our crew and guide in a relaxed atmosphere, enjoying a glass of champagne. Then, you get a tour through the ship to get familiar with your home for the next days. Your journey with us begins here by cruising to Linnansaari National Park. Get ready to explore the nature in the national park’s forest with an experienced guide. Linnansaari lies in the heart of the Finnish Lake District. It is an ideal place to spot rare lake seals and majestic ospreys. Lush green islands and rocky islets dot the waters of the park, of course guaranteeing beautiful views. The lake land scenery is truly a delight all the year round. At Linnansaari Croft, traditional slash-and-burn farming practices are still preserved. 

Afterwards, we enjoy some snacks by the fire. Of course, you also get leisure time to further explore the area or just relax in the beautiful nature. In the evening, a 5-star captain’s dinner is served on board. To end the day, you have the chance to listen to the exciting stories about the steamships’ history and get interesting insights regarding their past. Additional snacks will be provided on the ship. Now, you finally get some well deserved rest, as we spend the night on board in Linnansaari National Park.

Day 2 – Valamo Monastery

Sail through the beautiful lake passages.

After breakfast, we cruise Europe’s most beautiful inland waterway “Heinäveden reitti”. The Heinävesi Water Route indeed offers a unique lake scenery experience. It is an extraordinary route of narrow, winding waterways, open water, islands and old canals. The construction of the canals along the route started during the end of the 19th century. Karvio Canal was the first to be completed, in 1896. Hereby, a connection between Lake Suvasvesi and Lake Kermajärvi was established. Moreover, a shipping lane from Kuopio to Heinävesi was opened. Subsequently, from 1903 to 1906, the canals of Kerma, Vihovuonne, and Pilppa were built south of Lake Kermajärvi, providing a shipping lane to Savonlinna. A connection to Lake Juojärvi was developed between 1911 and 1916 through the canals of Varistaival and Taivallahti.

Then, you can take part in a guided tour to visit the Valamo Monastery which is located in Heinävesi. Currently, it is a living center of orthodox religious and cultural life. The monastery’s peaceful atmosphere and surrounding environment now offer unique opportunities to escape everyday life and relax from the hustle and bustle we often face. After lunch, the steamship journey continues. A traditional Finnish sauna later provides relaxation and tranquility after an exciting day. Here, you should not miss the chance to refresh in Saimaa’s wonderful waters and enjoy a swim after sauna. Afterwards, a delicious dinner is served on board. During the last hours of the day, you still have time to relax and spend your leisure time as you wish. Overnight, we stay in one of the small harbors on the way in Kerma, Heinävesi.

Day 3 - Cruise to Savonlinna

Return to Savonlinna with unforgettable memories.

Enjoy your breakfast, as well as extraordinary views while we cruise through Saimaa’s nature. On the way to Savonlinna, you can learn from the guide about local nature wonders and ringed seals. Hopefully we spot some Saimaa ringed seals during this journey. After a late lunch, we arrive at Savonlinna harbor. There, the crew bids you farewell, and you disembark the steamship. On this trip, you have for sure collected many memories you will always happily look back to. 


Included in “History of the ice age”:

  • transfers to/from Savonlinna harbor
  • cruise in a unique steamship and accommodation in a luxury suite
  • bed linen, towels, bath rubs, slippers
  • crew and host services
  • excursions and guiding 
  • entry fees
  • all meals, drinks and snacks
  • sauna services and drinks

Price (including VAT):

  • 3900€ per person, 2 persons per suite
  • minimum 2 persons for the cruise to take place

Additional services, customization options:

  • other programs like paddling or fishing excursions (need to be booked in advance)

The crew on board is at the customers’ disposal at all times and happily takes care of every concern.

S/S Paul Wahl

Step inside a luxuriously renovated cabin, combined of traditional and modern Finnish design and craftsmanship. The interior of our steamships is made of highest quality. Each of our new three suites is manufactured by a local workshop and every detail is carefully planned. Air conditioning is available inside. Apart from the unique cabins, high-quality services are provided throughout your stay. 

Embark on the trip of your choice which grants you outstanding life-lasting memories.

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