Captain Janne's hidden gems

Embrace Finnish nature and go on an adventure with us on this 4-day exclusive action cruise on Lake Saimaa. Experience hiking, fishing and open-fire lunches in the beautiful, untouched nature.

Day 1 – Savonlinna

Warmly welcome on board! Departure at 4 pm.

Does hiking in the forest, open-fire lunch, fishing, and picking mushrooms and berries sound intriguing? Then this cruise is the ideal experience for you! Explore the beautiful nature of Lake Saimaa and take part in various unforgettable activities in the safest place on earth. During these days, you have the opportunity to learn about the treasures of Finnish nature. Nature’s very own superfoods, such as blueberries, lingonberries, mushrooms, and fish caught from the clear waters await you on this journey.

Step on board where you are introduced to our crew and guide in a relaxed atmosphere, enjoying a glass of champagne and amuse-bouche. The ship is of course shown to you afterwards. Now, the journey begins with a four-hour evening cruise. On this day you still get the chance to fish with a seine. For dinner, the freshly caught fish is prepared over open fire. What a nice way to end the first evening! 

Day 2 - Linnansaari National Park

Pure and untouched nature awaits you.

In the next morning, you start the day with a tasty breakfast on board. We continue cruising to Linnansaari National Park. Linnansaari, in the heart of the Finnish Lake District, is an ideal place to spot rare lake seals and majestic ospreys. The waters of the park are dotted with lush green islands and rocky islets. The lake land scenery is, without doubt, a delight all year round. At Linnansaari Croft, traditional slash-and-burn farming practices are still conserved. During summer, a boat service takes visitors to the main island.

After two hours on the water, you can explore the nature in the national park on a guided hiking trip. Of course, we do not miss the chance to prepare lunch over an open fire in the middle of the national park’s beautiful scenery. We stay there for three hours. Then, we start a kayak tour through Linnansaari, lasting approximately two hours. That way, you can discover wonderful spots of the national park in a very special way. Additionally, breathtaking views are guaranteed! To relax from the exhausting but rewarding paddling, you can enjoy a traditional Finnish sauna afterwards. In the evening, dinner is served on board. Before the night begins, some snacks will be offered, as well. We spend the night on board in Linnansaari.

Day 3 - Saimaa ringed seals

Have you ever seen fresh-water seals?

After breakfast, you start a day which is all about spotting the Saimaa ringed seal. The ringed seals were isolated to Lake Saimaa after the ice age. We cruise six hours to the Punkaharju ridge area which is known as the most beautiful sand ridge area in the world! During the journey, we are constantly on the lookout for seals. Moreover, a local expert working in the forest administration joins the cruise to provide informative insights about Saimaa’s nature, vast waters and the ringed seals. Hereby, you can gain new knowledge about protecting the very special nature of Lake Saimaa. This event takes around three hours. Lunch is served during the cruise. After arriving in Punkaharju, local sights can be visited, depending on the season. The location for dinner is either Hotel Punkaharju or our steamship, varying according to booking dates. In the evening, you can enjoy a steamy sauna. Before spending the night on board in Punkaharju harbor, evening snacks are offered.

Day 4 - Local fishermen

Feel the wisdom of seasoned fishermen and sailors.

After breakfast, we travel through the rocky labyrinths of Saimaa and meet local fishermen. They happily reveal interesting information and experiences about fishing. You even have the chance to try spin fishing from small boats. What an amazing meal can be cooked from a fresh catch! After the excursion, you know a lot more about Finnish nature and its delicacies. During the two-and-a-half-hour return cruise to Savonlinna, lunch is served on board. You can enjoy the last moments on the ship by just gazing at the lake, soaking in the wonderful views. Once we arrive in the harbor, the crew bids you farewell, and you disembark the steamship. These days were one of a kind. A voyage you will remember forever!


Included in “Captain Janne’s hidden gems”:

  • transfers to/from Savonlinna harbor and to Punkaharju
  • cruise in a unique steamship and accommodation in a luxury suite
  • bed linen, towels, bath rubs, slippers
  • crew and host services
  • guiding 
  • entry fees
  • all meals, drinks and snacks

Price (including VAT):

  • 4600€ per person, 2 persons per suite
  • minimum 2 persons for the cruise to take place

Additional services, customization options:

  • other programs like paddling in every harbor or water jet (need to be booked in advance)
  • premium wines from sommelier
  • wine and food tasting event

The crew on board is at the customers’ disposal at all times and happily takes care of every concern.

S/S Paul Wahl

Step inside a luxuriously renovated cabin, combined of traditional and modern Finnish design and craftsmanship. The interior of our steamships is made of highest quality. Each of our new three suites is manufactured by a local workshop and every detail is carefully planned. Air conditioning is available inside. Apart from the unique cabins, high-quality services are provided throughout your stay. 

Embark on the trip of your choice which grants you outstanding life-lasting memories.

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