Feel the magic of Finland’s 1000 lakes – unique steamship cruises you will never forget!

Are you ready for the ultimate escape to the exquisite wilderness of wonderful Lake Saimaa? Cruise with us through a labyrinth of Saimaa’s pure waters and thousands of little islands. Imagine how miraculous the views are! We happily welcome you on board of our luxuriously renovated steamship S/S Paul Wahl. Enjoy the pure, untouched nature of Lake Saimaa on our exclusive cruises aboard 100-year-old steamships. 

The world’s happiest people and steamships live in Finland

Welcome on board our exclusive luxury cruises!

To offer you a memorable and unique cruise experience is always our top priority! We guarantee the highest safety standards during your stay and to take care of your wellbeing throughout the journey. Fresh delicacies, relaxation, high-end hospitality and our passion will truly provide memories for life.


We offer various steamship cruises – which one suits you best?

Heart of Lake Saimaa

2-day cruise in the Savonlinna region

Explore the stunning Punkaharju Nature Reserve and enjoy wonderful views onboard our beautiful steamships on a 2-day luxury getaway.

History of the ice age

3-day cruise on Lake Saimaa

Come with us on an expedition to the ancient history of Saimaa on this 3-day cruise and learn about the fascinating past. During these days you visit Linnansaari National Park, the old Valamo Monastery and also beautiful Savonlinna.

Joy & relaxation

3-day wellbeing cruise

Connect with nature and focus on yourself! Find pure relaxation on this 3-day journey centering around wellness, happiness and tranquility.

Captain Janne's hidden gems

4-day luxurious adventure cruise

Embrace Finnish nature and go on an adventure with us on this 4-day exclusive action cruise on Lake Saimaa. Enjoy hiking, fishing and open-fire lunches in the stunning, untouched nature.

All-embracing nature experience in a VIP cruise

7-day exclusive cruise

Welcome to our most exclusive voyages. Admire breathtaking spots of Lake Saimaa and take full advantage of this multifaceted one-week cruise. Discover lovely Finnish cities, learn about culture and history and simply feel Saimaa’s nature. Enjoy delicious food and relax in traditional saunas. Scenic views throughout the journey are of course guaranteed! This cruise truly comprises the highlights of the Saimaa region in an unforgettable way.

Regarding your safety

Enjoy a safe luxury vacation in Finland.

Lake Saimaa. Located in Finland and shaped by moving ice thousands of years ago, Saimaa offers an amazing site for unique cruise experiences on board of a luxury steamer yacht that is one of a kind.
During these unusual times, your health and safety are of utmost importance to us. Therefore, we welcome you to enjoy your exclusive nature experience in a bubble of your own. All the necessary tests and precautions are taken care of and included in the package.
Your travels back and forth are organized by us including a private jet from your convenient location to Savonlinna airport and private transport from the airport to the yacht.
We look forward to seeing on you board!
For more information, please contact:
Captain Janne Leinonen
Phone +358 50 368 2287

The most exclusive steamship cruises await you

Explore Lake Saimaa in a very special way.

Are you ready for the ultimate escape to the wilderness of Finland’s biggest lake? No surprise Lake Saimaa was elected as one of the five most beautiful lakes in the world in 2014. Convince yourself, relax and reconnect with nature.

Don't know how to get here? No need to worry! Just follow the directions below.

Our steamships operate on the clear waters of Lake Saimaa, Finland. Harbors are located in Savonlinna and Lappeenranta. Savonlinna can be reached by plane from Helsinki. You can get to Lappeenranta from several European cities by plane, or from Helsinki and St. Petersburg by train. There is also a train connection between Kuopio, Savonlinna, and Lappeenranta. Kuopio can be reached from Helsinki by plane. Rental cars and public transportation are available in all these cities.

Soak in nature's pure bliss on our luxury cruises

Lake Saimaa is waiting for you.

Feel yourself slip back in time to the early 20th century, where luxurious steamships transported people all around the world. Our all-inclusive luxury cruises are something you cannot find anywhere else. We currently provide the biggest steamship fleet in the world, sailing Lake Saimaa’s vast fresh waters.

Experience high-end hospitality with pure passion

Become one with nature.

Our crew is passionate and well-experienced. We offer you a high-end expedition to remote nature locations in Saimaa’s waters and stunning surroundings. For travelers who want to experience Lake Saimaa with all senses, aiming to find pure relaxation, our cruises are the perfect choice. All our tours are carefully thought-out to suit each customer’s wishes.

Enjoy an unforgettable voyage and create beautiful memories

Captain Janne welcomes you on board.

The captain makes a point of greeting each passenger cheerfully: “Welcome on board!” Once, twice, three times the whistle blows and off we head into the breathtaking waters of Lake Saimaa.

Captain Janne holds this special position in third generation. Janne’s father and grandfather had long careers as captains of different steamers on Lake Saimaa. We are truly proud to cheer up the history since there are not many working steamships left in the world.